• Robert Girling

Using All the Tools

When you start a venture new, it Is so important to use “all the tools” available to ensure you are checking all the boxes... that’s an easy statement to make but in our selection criteria, let me write a bit about what that means for me and for our cattle.

When it comes to EPD’s there are the legacy epds that come from the information from past related animals and then there are the genomic epds which are 50k and igenity tells us they run these numbers every week against millions of cattle and they update regularly based on inputted information. The benefit of GE-epds, is that they figure they replicate the amount of data that could be gleaned by the production of 8 calves. That’s pretty significant and is also the reason that we use GE-epds as a selection tool and why we spend the money to get our animals tested. I know when I sell an animal that I am giving my opinion based on all the best possible data available to me.

Now, that being stated, epds aren’t an evaluation of the physical quality of an animal. The eye appeal, the fleshing ability, the size of the head, the FEET, my next blog will be exactly that.

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